Asian countries are densely populated and represent the largest concentrations of the world's main religions and philosophies, such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Animism and Communism.

In some regions in Asia, people are highly responsive to the Gospel. However, many of these countries have laws restricting its propagation. Often those who become Christians are persecuted for their faith. Christians in the free world need to hear and understand the voice of the believers in Access-Restricted Nations in Asia.

Ethnos Asia Ministries is committed to strengthen the Body of Christ in Access-Restricted Nations in Asia and to serve as a catalyst to mobilize the Body of Christ worldwide to address the needs of the believers.

Strengthen and serve the Body of Christ in Access-Restricted Nations in Asia.


        • Mobilize the Body of Christ worldwide for ministry to Access-Restricted Nations in Asia.
        • Provide training, Bibles and other Christian literature to national leaders.
        • Help meet the physical and material needs of Christians who are persecuted and in difficult situations.

        • Work with national church leaders network, with local churches and with other Christian organizations.
        • Conduct national and regional leadership programs.
        • Organize prayer and mission conferences.
        • Coordinate medical outreaches.
        • Initiate church-based community development programs.